Conservative Alliance for Community Growth

We, the Conservative Alliance for Community Growth, are dedicated individuals that care about our friends and neighbors in the Las Vegas community.  Our efforts to reach out to those that have benefited the least, because of failed policies and failed efforts by community leaders, will have far reaching effects on the lives of those who live in West and North Las Vegas.  That is why we are challenging the status quo by working in these neighborhoods and our message of caring and wanting to help is being heard.  We are advancing a message of open-mindedness and promoting alternative solutions that have proven to be beneficial and we know it can benefit our community as a whole.  

We believe that the answers to the problems in our community can no longer be the responsibility of someone else. And the Conservative Alliance is focused on helping those in our community that wants to help themselves and others to prosper in the future.  Because, in the long run, if any part of our community fails, our community as a whole fails. 

We all want the best for our families, our kids and our community,and the Conservative Alliance is working to bridge the gap between those who have opportunity and access and those who for whatever reasons do not.